CRM Group is an R&D center with a high level of expertise in metal industry,  surface treatment, innovative design,hybrid,additive manufacturing ....


CRM Group is an R&D organization active in the field of metal and steel production with the mission to develop new processes, products and applications. CRM was funded in 1948 to become the collective research Centre for the Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries with laboratories and pilot facilities located at Liège and Gent. CRM Group employs 265 employees and researchers.

At CRM Group, the activities are centred on the production, transformation, coating and use of metallic materials.  We offer R&D and technology solutions focusing on the development of innovative processes and products that create value for our industrial partners (42 members in 2018).

CRM is involved in several projects for AEROSPACE industry

As concerns  ESA projects, CRM is running   three activities in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). The first of them is focused on the surface processing of parts made by AM. the second focuses on primary structures made by AM ;the third is dedicated to the development of New Aluminium alloys .

Furthermore, CRM has developed for ESA face change materials heat storage devices devoted to electronic thermal stability.

CRM is developing an extensive expertise in the field of HYBRID  ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING   for aerospace/aeronautic applications.