AMOS was created in 1983, merging from the mechanical machining expertise of “Ateliers de la Meuse” and the optical polishing know-how of the Institute of Astrophysics from the University of Liège.

Located in Belgium, AMOS has been designing and building high-precision optical and mechanical equipment for more than 35 years. Its main achievements are professional telescopes, space optical systems, test equipment for space instruments, and high-precision mechanical equipment. It employs about 100 employees highly skilled in advanced technologies and offers services to the space industry, to the professional astronomy sector, to scientific laboratories and to industry.

AMOS’ added value recognized by its customers is:

  • Cutting-edge expertise in optics and high-precision mechanics,
  • Ability to reach the technology limits despite difficulties,
  • High quality thanks to in-house manufacturing,
  • Precise and reliable solutions for long-term use.

Main area:

  • Professional Astronomy Systems: turn-key telescopes, telescope subsytems, telescope instruments
  • Space Systems: on-board hardware, optical and mechanical test systems (GSE), handling systems
  • Science and Industry Solutions: optical and mechanical systems
  • Services: Design, engineering, manufacturing and test services in optics, mechanics and mechatronics

AMOS has customers in Europe (ESA, ESO, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE, OHB), in United States (AURA), in India (ISRO, PRL, ARIES), and has more recently expanded its business in countries such as China, Turkey and Russia.