Sobelcomp is a Belgium industrial sub-contractor founded in 2006 who studies and produces parts made from composite materials for clients.

As a compagny active in the Aerospace and defence sectors it has committed to a high-quality approach and has had its quality management system certified according to standard AS/EN/JISQ 9100 (and ISO 9001).

Also convinced that innovation is the driving force behind its activity Sobelcomp has invested for many years in the development of its engineering office.

The services we provides through our engineering office are :

  • Study and design of parts, mold and tooling
  • Calculation by finite elements
  • Qualification of processes and materials

Through our workshop, parts are :

  • manufactured using different processes like RTM, RTM Light, Infusion, Pre preg
  • Assembled by gluing or riveting
  • Painted in our painting booth

We are able to produce 10 to 5000 parts per year each weighing between 5 and 200 kg.

Concerning quality :

  • We are able to do no destructif testing (NDT). In fact we are EN4179 certified to do infrared testing also called thermography.
  • We are also able to do dimentional inspection with our 3D faro arm.

Aviation activity:

Safran Aero Booster: Sobelcomp designs the moulds and produces the air intake sleeves and the cowlings for plane engines. These are used when the engines are undergoing maintenance on test cells to simulate the airflow.

In order to satisfy Safran Aero Booster, Sobelcomp had to show inventiveness and competitiveness by offering technical solutions based on its expertise.


Defence activity:

FN Herstal: Sobelcomp has been studying a structural part from a helicopter. Thanks to its innovation, Sobelcomp was able to offer its client a part with a 40% mass gain.