Premier supplier of system engineering solutions, security and crisis management consultancy and software development. RHEA Group has 25 years of experience in the security and the space system engineering service market. Key clients include European Space Agency, Belspo, the European Commission, Federal Government of Canada, the City of Montreal, EUMETSAT, CERN, NATO, the European GNSS Agency and the European Southern Observatory. 

RHEA Group is actively engaged in developing the latest advancement in the fields of security and crisis management, space systems, and engineering services. Some of the main products designed by the company are Nuvlabox®, SlipStream®, CDP®, and MOIS7®.

On Security and Crisis Management, the company offers the latest trends in physical security, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. Some of the most groundbreaking security projects include: leading the first cyber-range for space systems and operations for the European Space Agency to contributing to the largest-ever NATO cyber-defense exercise.

On Space Systems, RHEA Group’s MOIS7 software automates different complex processes, reducing the time spent by the user in operations’ preparation while simultaneously increasing the quality of testing and safety of mission. MOIS is used as a standard by the European Space Agency (ESA).

On engineering services, RHEA Group is leading the market with its Concurrent Design method that has streamlined the complex engineering design for companies, facilitating the production of its products and reducing design time and lifecycle cost.

RHEA Group works with the best scientist and engineers to contribute to the more advanced engineering projects and space missions. Having contracts with the European Space Agency, the European GNSS Agency, the European Commission, the European Southern Observatory and EUMETSAT.

RHEA Group operates in ten countries with more than 300 scientists and engineers worldwide. The company has headquarters in Montreal, Canada, for operations in North America, and in Wavre, Belgium, for European operations.

Certified ISO 9001:2015 for system engineering and security and crisis management consultancy. Project management and development of software and systems.