Investment casting (lost wax process): titanium, steel and stainless steel technical parts for aerospace and defense.

Civil and military aeronautics: steel, stainless steel, copper and cobalt alloys technical parts:

  • For aircraft structures, engines, door locking systems, landing gears, engines...
  • For embedded electronic and optics, light and heavy weapons.
  • Components and complex pipes for fluid transport and control
  • Seat fasteners and other level 2 and 3 parts.
  • Machined and coated parts ready for the assembly on production line.

Other sectors:

  • Besides the aeronautical and defence sector, Precimetal supplies the nuclear and petrochemical markets, general engineering, food production equipments, fluids processing, defence, building, railway and automotive...

Rapid prototyping:

  • Fast casting of steel prototypes based on 3D files and STL models

Technical data:

  • Investment casting process (lost wax)
  • Parts from 1g to 500 kg
  • All steel and stainless steel grades grades
  • Nickel, cobalt and copper alloys
  • Machining and surface treatments; ready-to-use parts
  • Non destructive testing facilities


  • EN 9100 / AS 9100
  • ISO 9001
  • NADCAP accredited (NDT including Digital X Ray)



Investment casting strengths:

  • Dimensional accuracy and surface quality
  • Complex shapes, thin walls, design freedom
  • Lower weight
  • Reduced machining, welding and assembly
  • Very wide choice of alloys