Mecasoft is specialized into metal precision machining using on one hand electroerosion and other high precision techniques, and on the other end a specific knowledge on micromechanics and micromilling machining developed over the years, enabling us to perform precision operations in metals up to 1-2 µm of tolerance and roughness (Ra) of 0.03 for drilling, wire cutting and 3D control.

We manufacture parts for Airbus, Boeing, Safran, Embraer, Sabca, Sonaca, Euro Heat Pipes, Von Karman Institute, for their usual manufacturing programs (machining from 1 to 400mm) but also in their micro developments in order to gain weight and miniaturize metallic space components, like heat pipes, micro tubes for sensors and captors. We are certified EN/AS 9100 Aerospace since 15 years and therefore supply major aerospace manufacturers as well as tier-1 or tier-2 players.

Our other segments of interests are the precision industry - automotive, defence and instruments - as well as medical and pharmaceuticals (eg cryogenic microtubes, microdrops generators, microfluidics static mixers, ...).

Mecasoft R&D department frequently joins large academic research programs in applied or fundamental fields. We have several fields of interest, specifically machining of silicon carbide, as well as completing the structural weaknesses of metal additive manufacturing (ruggedness and precision) with EDM or other techniques.

References and certifications

  • Certified EN 9100-2009 and ISO 9001-2008.
  • SAFRAN certification for special processes
  • AIRBUS certification for EDM processes
  • SABCA certification for EDM processes
  • Sonaca certification for EDM processes