With 15 years of experience in the OpenSource field, we provide multiple IT services and business solutions. We take care of the design, implementation, support, and maintenance of your systems. We also provide on demand development, for a solution that will meet all your expectations. 


Infrastructure: Our experts will analyze your systems and give you the best advices to optimize your infrastructure. We have a variety of solutions that will cover your needs, from virtualization, security, monitoring, back-up, communication, to hardware and more advanced options.

Transport and logistics: We provide various solutions to optimize your supply chain visibility and boost your competitivity on the market: firstly we have the Track&Trace solutions (RFID TECH, NFS, QR code), secondly an EPCIS solution for a transparent collect and sharing of the acquired data, and thirdly a Management System Platform to give you a clear visibility of your supply chain and easier assets management (inventories…), to reduce costs and to give your project room for evolution.
Health and clinical research: We provide solutions to obtain precise clinical data in real time with an efficient data processing. Our SensePRO solution will allow you to collect and share your data, and we will provide you with various supports (tablet, pc…) and hardware (sensors…).
On demand development: For a specific solution that fits all your needs, contact us, and we will work together to achieve your goals.

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