FN Herstal are world leaders in high added value defence solutions based on combat-proven small calibre firearms dedicated to multi-role military rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft. Our end-to-end services cover design, development, manufacture, and full integration of airborne weapon systems that combine full mission capability, maximum safety for the crew and protection for the carrier. Over 5,200 FN Herstal airborne weapon systems are deployed on a wide range of carriers across the world. As a one-stop-shop, we are also committed to providing a tailored 360-degree customer service, such as training, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).  We are ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100 certified.

FN Herstal integrated airborne weapon portfolio includes both crew served weapon solutions and fixed forward-firing solutions designed around proven FN® machine guns, rocket launchers and a complete range of ammunition.

Our airborne crew served weapon solutions can be window-, door-, ramp-, or externally positioned and provide:

  • Outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) through the world exclusive .50 cal FN® M3M/GAU-21 machine gun
  • Outstanding balance andaccuracy
  • Proven reliability and safety
  • Multi-weapon/multi-calibre capability

Our airborne fixed forward-firing solutions are available in various configurations depending on the ammunition box capacity, and requirement for links/cases collector and/or guided and unguided 2.75’’ rocket launcher tubes. Main benefits are:

  • Outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) through the .50 cal FN® M3P machine gun (FN Herstal exclusivity)
  • Pod weight optimization, optimal performance and reliability in all environments
  • Digital configuration available for easy integration into modern platforms:
    • Can be complemented with a head-up display and pod controller
    • Allows the integration of third-parties equipment, such as 70mm laser guided and/or unguided rockets
    • EO/IR equipment
    • Multi-functional displays

FN Herstal continuously innovates to provide to provide Military Agencies and Original Equipment Manufacturers with state-of-the-art, groundbreaking solutions to guarantee the highest level of operational capability – today and tomorrow.