FN Herstal provides high added value defense solutions for multi-role military helicopters and subsonic aircraft based on combat-proven small caliber firearms. These solutions cover design, development, manufacture, and full integration of airborne weapon systems that combine unprecedented and unequalled firing capabilities, ease of use and crew safety. The company is ISO 9001 and AS /EN 9100 certified.

FN Herstal’s integrated airborne weapon systems include crew-served and axially mounted machine guns, rocket launchers and a complete range of ammunition.
Airborne Pintle-Mounted Systems can be window-, door-, ramp-, or externally positioned and provide:

  • Outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) through the .50 cal FN® M3M/GAU-21 machine gun designed, developed and manufactured by FN Herstal as a worldwide exclusivity;
  • Outstanding balance, hence, high firing accuracy;
  • Proven reliability and safety;
  • Multi-weapon/multi-caliber capability, including compatibility with the 7.62mm FN MAG® machine gun and Minigun.

Airborne Podded Systems are available in various configurations depending on the ammunition box capacity, and requirement for links/cases collector and/or guided and unguided 2.75’’ rocket launcher tubes. Airborne podded systems offer:

  • Outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) through the .50 cal FN® M3P machine gun (FN Herstal exclusivity);
  • Pod weight optimization, optimal performance and reliability in all environments, including sand or dusty conditions.

FN Herstal continuously innovates to provide stateof-the-art, groundbreaking solutions for superior combat capabilities. Latest developments include:

  • Digitalization of the complete axial suite, including the machine gun pods, the armament management systems (AMS) and the head up sighting system (HUDI);
  • A full digital armament management system that offers improved integration with OEM’s avionics computers and that controls up to 6 weapon stations (FN Herstal pods or other equipment) installed on the aircraft;
  • A compact, digital and lightweight Head Up Display specifically designed for enhanced firing accuracy and reduced pilot workload.

Throughout the years, FN Herstal has built up a position as a leading provider of defense solutions to Military Agencies and Original Equipment Manufacturers, with FN integrated airborne weapon systems being qualified and fitted on over 4,500 carriers deployed around the globe.
With its decision to invest in the DO-178 DO-254 standard, FN Herstal reinforces its position as a major integrator of innovative airborne defense systems embedding the latest technologies.