EHP (Euro Heat Pipes SA) develops, qualifies and manufactures thermal & mechanical components/systems for spacecraft based on two-phase heat transfer technology (such as heat pipes and loop heat pipes) and deployable equipment.

From Space to Earth
Created in 2001, EHP know-how is based on more than 40 years of Space heritage. Developed for Space, now available on Earth, this 100% European technology is leading the European cooling market for Space applications and is developing on Aeronautical markets. EHP proposes its two-phase cooling devices that enable equipment manufacturers to increase their equipment reliability with the management of high power densities, low temperature excursion, compact / miniaturized packaging and remote cold sources. Over the years, EHP products have acquired a large space heritage: they are embarked on a wide variety of European, North American & Asian spacecraft. Our products have more than 65.000.000 spaceflight hours demonstrated heritage with no in-orbit failure.

Full in-house capabilities
Based on a highly qualified staff of 100 people, EHP, an EN9100 certified Company, offers full in-house capabilities (10.000 m² of facilities) including 2.000m² ISO 8 to ISO 5 clean rooms, small to large vacuum chambers and mechanical / vibrations shakers to be used for small to large production projects.

A worldwide customer base

Main customers are Airbus, Thales Alenia Space, BeyondGravity, ESA, CNES, Arianespace, OneWeb Satellites, OHB, APCO,…