Compression, extension, torsion, double torsion springs. Bended wire. Induction coils. Leaf springs and stamped parts. Fragmentation body for grenade, mortar and rockets. Assembly of metal parts and plastic parts. Welding TIG-MIG-Laser. Surface treatments.

B-SPRING has been operating in Bosnia since 2013 and offers winding, cutting - bending - forming, machining and assembly services from its new site, which was inaugurated in 2019. It can deliver directly throughout Eastern Europe.

CEVEMA is dedicated to surface treatments such as passivation, anodizing, galvanizing, phosphating, dye penetration, nickel plating or hard chrome plating since more than 25 years.

MECASPRING, a spring specialist since 1935, is active in the fields of winding, cutting - bending - forming and machining. It specializes in the manufacturing of assembled spring parts.

VANHULEN, founded in 1907, specializes in the wire industry and more specifically in the manufacturing of induction coils which it supplies to the main players in the electrotechnical industry.