Sagita develops turbines and centrifugal compressor specifically designed to drive contrarotating helicopter rotors.

Aside we also develop and test VTOL drones and Urban Air Mobility solutions using the patented turbine driven rotor.





Aeronautics: we are presently studying a hybrid electric VTOL aircraft for the Urban Air Mobility burgeoning market.  

Drones: We develop the S75 drone: this is a 75 kg MTOM VTOL UAV. The S75 prototype presently undergoes test and demo flights. The 15 kW engine and 25 l fuel tank provide autonomy for 6 hours. Payload 20 kg. Intended use: surveillance of extended areas, naval or terrestrial.

Engineering: Aerodynamic and structural design of centrifugal compressors and of contrarotating radial turbines. Design of coaxial helicopter rotors and control system.