WEL Research Institute

The WEL Research Institute is an inter-university research institute subsidized by the Walloon region.  We support fundamental research of excellence within our departments and the translation of disruptive innovation into societal and economic impact. 

The WEL Research Institute supports strategic research through programmes emanating from the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Our departments are: 

  • WEL-T: Engineering, chemistry and physics to promote sustainable transition
  • WELBIO: Life sciences for an impact in health

The WEL Research Institute provides individualized support to its Investigators, in partnership with KTO representatives, to integrate the valorisation process into the scientific development of the research programmes. Together, we gradually built valorisation opportunities that are taking many forms including projects supported by the competitivity clusters, licensing agreements, industry partnerships, and spin-off creation.

Want to know more? https://welri.org