Sonaca Numerical Method Department celebrates its twentieth anniversary!

Sonaca numerical method

Among the skills that make Sonaca's reputation worldwide is the activity of the Numerical Methods Department. Composed of a team of skilled specialists, the Numerical Method Department works to provide most efficient "virtual testing environment" in terms of productivity and physical representation. 

For more than 20 years now, developments have been continuous with small quick-win steps integrated in a long-term strategy capitalizing Numerical knowledge. Some of the most frequent topics covered are: 

  • knowledge sizing platform  
  • bird impact  
  • complex non-linear analyzes (contacts, coupled mechanisms/structure, post-buckling, materials,…)  
  • multi-scale modelling (zoom, cracks, …)  
  • optimization (topology, parametric)  
  • ice protection systems  
  • complex seals design  
  • composite including damage 

 Based on numerous test validations, this virtual testing environment allows project teams to be more creative in Design phases by exploring conception space virtually but robustly, to react very rapidly to unexpected complex problems and to move towards more digital certification. 

We wish the whole Sonaca Numerical Method Team a happy 20th anniversary and exciting new developments in the years to come! 


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