EHP 100,000,000 spaceflight hours heritage with no in-orbit failure

Join us in celebrating a monumental achievement as EHP marks an unprecedented milestone: 100 million cumulative hours in space with an impeccable record of zero in-orbit failures. Around 6,000 EHP products tirelessly maintain temperature control on countless space missions, embodying our relentless pursuit of thermal control excellence in space.

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved a cumulative total heritage of 100,000,000 spaceflight hours on our products in space. Even better: none of our product has ever experienced in-orbit failure! This includes our heat pipes, loop heat pipes and deployable pointing systems.

Every hour, every minute, every second, around 6.000 EHP products are above us, working silently to reliably provide temperature control for countless missions in the harsh environment of space. This incredible achievement is more than just a number; it shows our commitment to excellence and innovation in thermal control technology.

From communications satellites orbiting the Earth to science mission to Jupiter, EHP products have played a vital role in the success of missions around the world.

But this milestone is not just about the past, it’s also about the future. Our drive to push the boundaries of thermal control technology remains unwavering. By continuing to innovate, we look forward to supporting many more successful missions and proudly maintaining our status as the world leader in space thermal control.

To our valued partners and customers, thank you for entrusting us with your missions. To our incredible team, your hard work and expertise made this achievement possible.

Stay tuned for our next exciting projects, and let’s celebrate together as we continue to reach for the stars!

Road to 200,000,000


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