Switch to Space 4” – October 2nd 2024 - Egmont Palace – Brussels


Switch to Space 4


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2 October, 2024
Switch to Space 4
Theme: “Space for a Safer World”

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Students and young graduates are usually not aware of career opportunities in the space sector and prefer to specialize or start working in traditional sectors.
Switch to Space aims to fill this gap by gathering students from different disciplines to introduce them to the opportunities offered by the space industry.
The message that S2S wants to send to them is that the space sector is not only innovative and challenging but is also becoming an attractive and growing business sector.
For the 4th edition of Switch to Space, we propose the following theme: «SPACE FOR A SAFER WORLD».
As for previous editions, the conference is structured around moments of sharing of experience and knowledge, and moments of exchange and interaction with the students.
Plenary session - Interactive thematic round tables on

  • The vision - Space is the future
  • The challenges - Security is critical
  • The solutions - What are we doing?

At the end of the Plenary a Q/A session with the students        

Lunch : 

  • Speed dating
  • CV corner to pin CV’s, job vacancies and internships
  • Booths for Industry, Research Centers and Universities
  • A booth for young entrepreneurs

 Presentations, with 6 Topics identified thanks to your help : 

  • Space Weather: A dynamic interplay between Earth and space
  • Climate change: can Space contribute to a sustainable solution?
  • Planetary protection: Guardians of the cosmos
  • Cybersecurity: protecting our space assets
  • Space Debris: From trash to treasure
  • Artemis: Fortifying our outpost in space

Each Topic, will include 4 to 5 presentations shared between Industry, Research Centers, Universities and Institutions.

Networking drink


-----> You have expertise in Safety and Security ?

 S2S offers you a unique opportunity to become known to the next generation of talented space professionals by presenting your projects, aspirations, and vision of what space industry can do for them and for humanity.
Join us as you are, as it best suits your recruitments and development strategy; either via a booth to present your business, via presentations to highlight your most inspiring projects, via sponsoring which will help you increase your visibility among talented space enthusiasts. S2S offers you the unique opportunity to reach out to a large number of students and young professionals interested by space, during a one-day exciting and inspiring event.
Do not hesitate to contact us with proposals, we are there to make a link between your amazing businesses and your future workforce!                                                                                          
Switch to Space is paving the way for tomorrow’s Space Industry!

Infos :

Dominique Tilmans 
Honorary Senator