Space4ReLaunch – First PhD Day on satellite Earth observation and reusable launchers technologies


Space4ReLaunch ( is a collaborative project between Wallonia’s research bodies and major companies in the space industry. This project consists in developing disruptive technologies for Earth observation and reusable launchers thanks to a team of 30 PhDs and Post-docs working in close collaboration with industry. 

This project promotes the monitoring of human impact on environment through satellite Earth observation. It regroups the development of the following equipment/technologies : 

  • Instruments, sensors and imagers: hyperspectral sensors, spectrometers, GNSS-R imaging, IR imaging using compressive sensors, optical surface treatment
  • Systems : lightweight telemetry “lab-on-chip”, electrospray propulsion, vibration damping systems, topological optimisation of 3D printed structures (carbon fibre and LBPF), with direct application to actuators.
  • Communication : hybrid architecture extending the fraction of the orbit during downloading, quantum key transmissions
  • Data processing for agriculture: monitoring water scarcity, ammonia emissions, and agricultural activity for carbon farming.

This project also approaches the development of components for reusable launchers, a key technology to ensure autonomous access to space:

  • Reusable cryogenic valves
  • Low-cost innovative electric actuators
  • Digital twin for hypersonic flight simulation


JRI4Space organises its first PhD Day on the 7th of February 2024 in UCLouvain. It will consist in a presentation of the preliminary results obtained by students in an open poster session. It will be an opportunity to engage discussion between the researchers and the members of the industry. 

The agenda of the PhD Day is described below : 
10h30-12h30    Exhibition and posters session
12h30-14h00    Networking lunch
14h00-14h50    Presentation and Q&A on remote sensing for Earth observation 
14h50-15h40    Presentation and Q&A on the next generation of hypersonic code
15h40-17h00    Posters session
17h00              Refreshments

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