Injection Moulding of technical parts in plastics, metal and composite materials & tools since 1950. 

Scope of activities

  • Injection Moulding of technical parts in plastic, metal and composites.
  • Research and design of plastic parts or new applications involving injected parts
  • Assembly of sub-systems by gluing, clipping or ultrasonic welding


  • ISO 9001
  • EN 9100



  • In-house engineering.
  • More than 60 years of experience in the injection moulding of technical plastics and in the manufacturing of injection tools
  • Dynamic, flexible and reactive team which enables a mastery of complete projects from A to Z.
  • Partnership with research centers or organisations specialised in complementary services(material choice, tests, design, rapid prototyping, painting, surface treatment...)

We dispose of a wide variety of injection machines between 10 tons and 1300 tons of closing force, which allows us to inject volumes till 6 kg.

Transformed technical materials: PEEK, PEI, PSU, PA… eventually charged with glass, carbon or metallic fibers.

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