With a team of more than 30 high-level designers, DELTATEC is active in various sectors: TV broadcast (design of boards, automation of live shows), space and aeronautics (on-board imaging subsystems, on-board computers, EGSE...) and industry (embedded systems, quality control projects).

Main references in aeronautics relates to the design of high-performance elements of test beds.

For Safran Aero Boosters, DELTATEC designed a powerful IP based distributed data acquisition system for aircraft engine tests, with up to 3000 temperature measurement points. While providing easy system configuration and data collection through the IP network, Proximity with the engine allows high accuracy measurements and dramatic reduction in the cabling needs, also meaning lower total costs. Not forgetting the challenges to operate reliably in a harsh environment.
Another example is the design of an electronic actuator based on synchro/resolvers to emulate the engine gas throttle. Security and safety were addressed using redundant functionality on all the critical paths, ensuring En954-1 level 2 directive compliance.

DELTATEC also developed several control systems for solenoid valves.

Based on its experience in the space sector and R&D activities in the scope of the Marshall Plan, DELTATEC also supports development of onboard equipment for aeronautics.

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