With a scientific task force of more than 3500 re- searchers and an annual research budget of 125 M€, the research is a true driving force behind UCL’s activities. Through European, national and regional research programs, particularly in the aeronautics and space areas, UCL continuously contributes to the advances in a variety of research topics:

  • Composites & Engineering materials
  • Multi-physics & multi-scale modeling
  • Thermodynamics & fluid mechanics
  • Mechatronics
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Research platforms: fabrication, characterization & testing facilities directly accessible for companies

Both fundamental and applied researches are car- ried out with the technical support of research plat- forms and experimental laboratories.

Composites & Engineering materials
The Research center on ARChitectured and COm- posite MATerials federates the activities of several teams working in the field of architectured, hybrids and composite materials: the Engineering and Rhe- ology of Composites and Macromolecules (IMCN/ ERC&M) and the Materials and process engineering (iMMC/IMAP) research groups. ARCOMAT gathers expertises on (in)organic materials, on experimental characterization and multi-scale/physics modeling, and on mechanical and functional properties. Re- searches are articulated around the development of innovative composite or architectured material solu- tions through processing, characterization, testing, assembling, modeling and selection of engineering materials. ARCOMAT also offers an integrated support to the industries working in the field of composites.
More information: uclouvain.be/en/research-in- stitutes/imcn/bsma uclouvain.be/en/research-institutes/immc/imap

Multi-physics & multi-scale modeling
The MEchanics MAthematics division (iMMC/MEMA) has two main activities in the field of aeronautics. Firstly, based on multiscale modeling schemes, MEMA develops constitutive laws for advanced ma- terials used in aeronautics. Nonlinear mean-field approaches accounting for different types of rein- forcements (particles, short, long fibers or foams) as encountered in polymer-based composites and in metal-matrix composites. Novel crystal plasticity models are developed in order to investigate form- ing of multiphase metallic alloys. Secondly, based on home-made numerical codes, MEMA performs intensive finite element simulations of multi-phys- ics processes. Its expertise is in adaptive meshing, parallel computing, unit cell calculation of materials with intricate microstructures, and robust integra- tion algorithms in fluid mechanics.
More information: uclouvain.be/fr/instituts-recherche/immc/mema

Thermodynamics & fluid mechanics
The research at the division of thermodynam- ics and fluid mechanics (iMMC/TFL) in the field of aeronautics covers three main topics: (1) fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics: ex- ternal flows past streamlined and bluffbodies, air- craft wake vortex flows, shear flows, internal flows, reacting flows, advanced numerical methods, ad- vanced turbulence modeling; (2) energy systems and combustion: thermodynamics, thermal cycles, heat transfer, analysis of processes, combustion equipments, thermal engines; (3) two-phase flows: particle-laden flows, critical flows, ejector flows, at- omization, nucleation. The research benefits from the technical support of the HPC facilities of UCL.
More information: uclouvain.be/en/research-in- stitutes/immc/tfl

The Center for Research in Mechatronics (iMMC/ CEREM) focuses on the design, modeling, simulation, optimization and prototyping of mechatronic systems, i.e. systems optimally integrating sensors, actuators and control strategies within mechanical devices. More specifically, the CEREM develops five axes of research and expertise: Multibody and multiphysic modeling; Optimal design of mechatronic devices; High Performance Actuators; Power electronics; Innovative joining process.
More information: www.cerem.be

Information & Communication Technologies
The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM) carries both basic and applied worldclass research in various sub domains with direct applications in the aeronautical sector: Communication systems and networks (positioning, channel modeling, navigation systems...); Cryptography and Information Security (strong security protocols design & analysis); Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization; Electronic Circuits and Systems (embedded systems, ultra low power for harsh environments, radiation hardness, sensors); Micro and Nano Technologies and Systems (characterization of material properties at the nanoscale, composite materials for EM shielding); Microwave Engineering and Applied Electromagnetism (numerical electromagnetics, RF & microwave circuits, antenna design, satellite communications); Signal and Image Processing.
More information: uclouvain.be/en/research-institutes/icteam
Research platforms
The Wallonia Electronics and Communications Measurements platform (WELCOME) proposes a wide panel of characterization techniques under various electromagnetic, mechanical and temperature conditions that are of prime interest for automotive, space, aeronautics and radar applications. Tools and expertise result from key research axes including microand nanotechnology, SOI technology, RF circuits and antennas, digital systems and VLSI architectures, cryptography, MEMS/NEMS, ultra low-power circuits, extreme-environment components (radiations, temperature) and wireless communications.
More information: sites.uclouvain.be/welcome

The Wallonia Infrastructure Nano Fabrication facility (WINFAB) is a shared resource serving academic and industrial researcher. Main activities include the fabriaction of SOI-CMOS integrated circuit processing, MEMS/NEMS, nanoelectronics, organic electronics, photovoltaics and sensors. WINFAB supports a broad line of lithography, thin-film deposition, reactive ion etching, and characterization tools in support of device fabrication for a variety of materials.
More information: sites.uclouvain.be/winfab/NEW_ website/login.html

The Laboratory of mechanical testing, structures and civil engineering (iMMC/LEMSC) provides, in the field of aeronautics, an integrated research platform for mechanical testing of materials, especially composites, and structures, under ISO 17025 certification.

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