Sobelcomp studies and produces parts made from composite materials.
It has committed to a high-quality approach and has had its quality management system certified according to standard AS/EN/JISQ 9100 (and ISO 9001).
It’s also convinced that innovation is the driving force behind its activity.

Aviation activity:

Safran Aero Booster: Sobelcomp designs the moulds and produces the air intake sleeves and the cowlings for plane engines. These are used when the engines are undergoing maintenance on test cells and are used to simulate the airflow as if the engines were flying (engine type: GEnx, CF34-10, CF34-8, Silvercrest and CFM56-5).

In order to satisfy Safran Aero Booster, Sobelcomp had to show inventiveness and competitiveness by offering technical solutions based on its expertise.

Sonaca: Sobelcomp produces specific tools which are then used to create the leading edges of the wings of planes.
Defence activity:

FN Herstal: Sobelcomp produces cowlings which are then mounted onto armed stations operated remotely.

Recently, the client asked us, in addition to producing the composite part, to take charge of the assembly of all the metal fittings and the painting to provide a finished piece ready for assembly.

Sobelcomp is currently studying a structural part from a helicopter. Thanks to its innovation, Sobelcomp was able to offer its client a part with a 30% mass gain.

CMI Défense: Thanks to its good reputation, Sobelcomp has just secured its first contract with CMI Défense. It will be producing mounted external hoods for tank turrets.

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