Coexpair SA – composite expertise for aircraft – is an aerospace company that combines an engineering office and composite development facility. We develop processes and equipment to transfer the best technologies to the customer. Coexpair is the European Partner of Radius Engineering (USA).

Focused on net shape composite technologies (RTM, SQRTM) in close partnership with Radius Engineering, leader of these technologies for nearly 30 years, Coexpair is a unique resource to the European aerospace industry. Coexpair supplies all equipment required for serial production of parts by our customers. Founded in 2006 Coexpair is successfully growing with a team of 25 highly qualified engineers, technicians and administrative.

Engineering – Net-shape composites are an opportunity to improve performance: lower weight, lower cost, shorter manufacturing cycle. Our expertise covers design, material & process selection and analysis.

Equipment – We provide our customers with press equipment and injection system designed and manufactured at Coexpair. Equipment are available in our shop for demonstration, parts development & training activities.
Tooling – The quality of the mold determines 90% of the part quality. Our team offers development of your mold. Our network of qualified NC machine shop offers the right balance of quality, lead time and budget.

Composite Parts Development – Once the level of risk is reduced to an acceptable level our shop is the right place to manufacture your first full scale elements. Our shop is dedicated to prototyping for our customers.

Training – Coexpair offers a 3-day intensive introduction course of (SQ)RTM for Aerospace.

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