LEBRUN S.A., a medium-sized and financially independent company, has become “the reference” for conditioning aircrafts on the ground. From the design of a cooling system to its completion and its maintenance, LEBRUN controls and coordinates all different stages of the manufacturing of conditioning machines for aircraft. Made up of skilled technicians and graduates from topmost engineering schools, our engineering department is at the leading edge of the refrigeration technology.

LEBRUN S.A. is specialized in air conditioning units (PCA units) that are developed to ensure the comfort of passengers and crew by maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the cockpit of any parked aircraft during pre-flight servicing, loading and maintenance. Various type of machines are available: fixed or mobile serving all types and sizes of aircrafts (AIRBUS, BOEING, MD, EMBRAER, FALCON...) for civil and military aviation. References and/or Certifications Munich Airport, Schiphol, Frankfurt, Zaventem, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Genève, KLM, Air-France, Lufthansa, Virgin, Ethiad, Airbus, Bombardier, DGA, Dutch Army...

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