Britte-Mustad: “Customers satisfaction first!”

Britte Mustad belongs to the mechanical division of the family group MUSTAD INTERNATIONAL GROUP founded in Norway in 1832. Mustad Group has built his reputation on the Quality of its products, its diversified and industrial strategy, but also on the respect of their commitments.

In Belgium, Mustad Britte has a workshop of 8.000 sqm for140 employees and 150 machines working in 3 shifts

Since 1980, Britte-Mustad has built an important expertise in the Defense, Aircraft, Space and Medical industries by machining various components and sub-assemblies for a large variety of engine components for the Ariane rocket and various aircrafts but also components and subassemblies for others sectors like satellite, weapons, medical, oil& Gas, luxury, sensors, transport, optical.

Britte Mustad’s core business is:

- to machine high precision mechanical components in all existing materials including composite, super alloys... by various machining technologies like milling, turning, grinding, EDM, etc.

With 32 different technologies inside, Britte-Mustad can manufacture in series high added value products with competitive prices and short delivery time from a few pieces to millions peices per year.

- to produce assemblies including NDT final testing for all industrial sectors.

- to design and manufacture very complex tools, including measuring and control systems.


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