Additive Manufacturing Services for the Industry

Specialized in Polymers, ADDIPARTS provides Additive Manufacturing expertise and know-how in many demanding industrial sectors.

ADDIPARTS consulting services and manufacturing solutions support and accelerate the design and compliance of new products to their Specifications, their qualification, industrialization and production.

Based on customers requirements, ADDIPARTS provides qualified industrial AM technologies, high performance materials, rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing services in order to reach cost optimized solutions.

ADDIPARTS professional performances allow customers to meet their development and production deadlines, and reduce their costs and risks.

ADDIPARTS works side by side with customers to define the right AM technology and material for the right application. 

ADDIPARTS designs and prints complex parts, per unit or in small batches, using high performance industrial thermoplastic materials.

The resulting functional prototypes, parts, tools and jigs offer unequalled mechanical, thermal and chemical performances, matching industrial requirements and constraints, allowing their use in actual conditions.

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