Highly Integrated Isolated Power Circuits

Integrated circuit optimized for sustainable power electronic applications & Seamless and safe interfacing of low-voltage digital controls with high-voltage power parts

VDDTECH was founded in 2017 with the mission of developing innovative integrated circuits to meet the challenges posed by the rapid growth of power electronics. Whether in terms of power consumption reduction, miniaturisation of components or the ability to operate in harsh environments, our solutions address the main constraints posed by the energy transition.

Our current galvanically isolated integrated circuits can sustain extreme voltage transient events (above 200V/ns) and present the lowest coupling capacitor of the market. They are particularly suitable for interfacing GaN transistor switches with ON time as low as 10ns. 

Our chips provide long-term isolation of 600V (5kV surges) and remain functional above 150°C (300F). 

With our solution, you will reduce the cost per power density of your power electronic modules, contributing to a greener world.

Digital Isolators - 2 channels

Analog Isolators - Error Amplifier

Isolated Supply - Transformer Driver

Isolated Intelligent Power Switch - GaN

EVK (Evaluation Kit) - Isolated Buck Converter