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From Earth to space, stay connected and notified no matter your operations.

ESNAH has focused its expertise on using data and communication to support decision makers with advanced business intelligence.

Our mission is therefore to break information silos, owned by each stakeholder, down and make data available efficiently, reliably and in real time

 We have an end-to-end solution meant to connect pilots, crew/operators and data. 

The benefits of our solution are broad, ranging from improved safety and simpler daily operations to preventing risks and maintaining contact all over the world. Ultimately, we help individuals and organisations to gain peace of mind. 

The solution is made up of three components: a hardware: the Link, a dashboard: Ops and a mobile app: Pilot. They constantly interact together to offer autonomous smart tracking including notifications, messaging and reporting based on your operational needs, rules and KPI.

We are proud to says that ESNAH is a long-standing partner of the European Space Agency (ESA) and is involved in several projects, whether for company-specific development or in collaboration with other companies. Besides our contract 4000115099/15/UK/ND.     

  • ESA BIC    
  • SkyLiberty CCN#1    
  • Profumo    
  • GIP4 Smart Airports 

The real-time monitoring  DragonFly solution provides you a real-time monitoring solution for your most critical transport of pharmaceutical products everywhere in the world.

DragonFly is a stand-alone certified solution (hardware, firmware and software) for Covid Vaccine monitoring, tracking and geolocation by air, marine and land.  The device is fully autonomous, with machine learning and offer a real time warning/alert notification service.

DragonFly is expected to improve safety, coordination and information exchange of the pharmaceutical lot, through all the players of the supply chain. DragonFly will avoid counterfeit, and provide a lifecycle management during the shipping of the Covid vaccine.