NOLISYS provides consulting services and software solutions for advanced and nonlinear vibration analyses. Our technologies, developed in collaboration with the University of Liège (Belgium) for more than 15 years, power nonlinear test campaigns and simulations with applications in aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Nonlinearity is a frequent occurrence in engineering structures, due to the presence of bolts, elastomeric materials, gaps, gears, or friction. It introduces distortions in structural responses, and makes experimental data difficult to interpret.

Building on advanced experimental and computational techniques, the competence and activities of NOLISYS focus on the detection of nonlinearities in measurement data and the assessment of their impact on the structure's dynamics.

NI2D Software

Thanks to its experimental capabilities, the NI2D® software allows the analyst to quickly and robustly identify nonlinear phenomena during vibration test campaigns. Based on a hybrid nonlinear modeling of the structure, the NI2D® software also calculates nonlinear time responses, nonlinear vibration modes, nonlinear resonance frequencies and bifurcations through innovative algorithms. These nonlinear features provide a clear and immediate view on the impact of nonlinearities on the dynamical properties of the structure, for predictive and design purposes.

Engineering services

We provide expertise and support for the following activities:

  • Test campaign design and execution.
  • Analysis of experimental data.
  • Nonlinear structural modeling.
  • Advanced vibration simulations.


Our company continuously organizes intensive courses and on-site training on nonlinear vibrations dedicated to practicing engineers.

NOLISYS has already demonstrated the versatile character of its competence on several industrial cases for Airbus, Airbus D&S, ArianeGroup, Atlas Copco, Pratt & Whitney, Safran Aero Boosters and Sonaca. 


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