Training, awareness, advising, e-learning and e-business are our assignments. They cover various fields, such as aeronautics, assembly, automation, design, measurement and inspection, machining, image and multimedia, etc. They meet the requirements of the regional, national and international industrial environment.

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More particularly and for more than 10 years now, Technifutur has been providing training to aircraft maintenance mechanics in the aviation sector. In 2007, the “Service Public Fédéral de la Mobilité et du Transport Aéronautique” granted the PART 147 approval, officially acknowledging Technifutur’s competency and their right to conduct training and examination and to issue certificates for aircraft maintenance mechanics in accordance with the requirements of PART 66 levels A1, A2, A3 and A4.
On the basis of this recognition, of the acquired experience and the needs expressed by the aircraft industry, Technifutur now aims at expanding their skills and achieving the approval to provide levels B training and examination.

Technifutur is also recognized worldwide for its welding and non-destructive testing training courses.