OAD proposes Design Tools that will help you to accelerate the design process of any aircraft and to improve the quality of your products.

OAD Activities: Software development, subcontracting and consultancy, training session organisation 

OAD Develops ADS (Aircraft Design Software) ADS is one of the most user-friendly and accurate software packages dedicated to take the designer through the entire aircraft conceptual design process. ADS can handle UAV, light aircraft and transport category aircraft of any configuration. ADS can be used either to design a new aircraft from scratch, or to design modifications to existing aircraft. ADS is used all over the world, by leading aerospace companies, Universities and individuals.

Subcontracting and consultancy play a key role in OAD’s activities
We can design all kinds of planes, with any specifications: UAVs, light aircraft, jets, single and twin-engine planes, with electric or internal combustion engines. We can offer comprehensive or specific assistance. We can simply help the designer to define the specifications, or take part in the complete development of the project.
We can design a new prototype or help with modifications to an existing design. We use our own calculation models to answer most questions that arise during the pilot study incredibly quickly.

OAD regularly organises training sessions in businesses and academic institutions
We adapt our training solutions to the level of the participants as well as to the teachers’ requirements. The courses can last anything from 1 day to 1 week.

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