LESCAV Aero designs and produces silicone protective masks, handling tools and transportation crates made of plastic and composite materials. For over 10 years, LESCAV Aero collaborates with all major airspace players by proposing innovative solutions.

LESCAV Aero has built an important expertise in the airspace industry. Our main products revolve around three categories:

Masking Solutions

High precision masking devices made of silicone, epoxy and polyurethane for precise masking yielding efficient and quality results for special treatments.

  • Custom made masks for plasma or HVOF
  • Seals, plugs and masking kits
  • Reusable paint and coating masks
  • ...

Handling tools, custom made and “No-Metal-Contact”

Protecting parts with high add value from special treatments require using design and materials which reduce or eliminate the risk of scratches, nicks, dents or damages.

  • Industrial tools and working bench
  • Handling tools made in “No-Metal-Contact” materials like plastics, synthetics and composites
  • Production line tooling and supports
  • ....

Distribution of standard catalog products

We are distributors for containers, crates and packing devices from catalog.

  • Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for track and trace within a factory or on a global scale
  • Tracking and fleet management of handling vehicles within the plant


LESCAV Aero is certified in EN 9100 and ISO9001.

Our main Customers are Airbus Helicopters – Asco – BMT Aerospace - Safran Group – Sabca  – Sonaca