EspaceDrone Group

European EspaceDrone Academy - IRIS -  Professional training center for drone pilot

EBR065 - Flightzone dedicated to drones

European EspaceDrone Academy, created in 2014, offers basics trainings that meet the requirements of the Belgian legislation and specialization trainings such as thermography, photogrammetry, photo-video, maintenance...

To date, EspaceDrone Academy has trained more than 1000 pilots working for companies such as Infrabel, Elia, RTL, RTBF, MSF, UCL, the Belgian federal police, the Belgian civil services, DGTA-DGLV...


IRIS is a customizable training program. It is used to train and manage specify and risky flight missions such as building inspection, pylon analysis...

IRIS is an exclusive system that integrates elements in "Augmented Reality" during a real flight. It allows to develop safely a multitude of training scenarios for specific missions in various environments. 

The IRIS training program combines real and virtual for cutting-edge vocational training. 


EBR65-Liernu, approved by the DGTA-DGLV, is a flight zone in which drones can perform test and search flights in extraordinary conditions : altitude 1500ft AMSL, distance 2NM, day and night flight, airdrop, spaying, transport, towing.