Free Field Technologies (FFT), a subsidiary of MSC Software Corporation, closely collaborates with many leading aerospace companies and provides dedicated solutions for improving the acoustic behavior of aircrafts. FFT develops the Actran acoustic CAE software suite and provides related technical services such as support, trainings and engineering projects. Actran is the most complete acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic CAE software suite for studying acoustic problematics the aeronautic industry is facing. 

Actran offers best in class technologies allowing:

  • Fuselage and cockpit acoustic insulation assessment
  • Engine nacelle liner optimization including installation effects
  • Helicopter turboshaft engine acoustic design
  • Ramp noise
  • Airframe aeroacoustic noise prediction such as landing gear noise and slap/flap noise
  • Acoustic fatigue of payload during space launch phase

Based on the finite element and the infinite element method, Actran provides a rich library of elements, material properties, boundary conditions, solution schemes and solvers to model accurately the acoustic phenomena involved in airplanes and
space craft applications. FFT’s extensive know how allows providing off-site projects, on-site assistance or technology transfer initiatives fitting the needs of the aerospace industry.

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