In 2006, “Ateliers Jean Del’Cour” created JD’C Innovation to propose design and manufacturing services in high-technology fields (aeronautic, defense, green energy...). Being part of JD’C group allows JD’C Innovation to be very flexible and to be reactive.
JD’C InnovatIon has the following core activities: composite materials, multi-material adhesive bonding, industrialization of processes (curing, final assembly with rfId or connectics integration if needed), design of tools and composite components. JD’C Innovation is expert in the integration of these competences in one global service.

Competences: Composite materials: “hand lay-up” process with various epoxy matrix materials (glass and carbon).

Multi-material adhesive bonding: different technologies such as ultrasonic and thermobonding (hot/cold).

Processes Industrialization: competences and equipment to integrate high precision electronics elements in products (RFID tags, connectics...) or to perform the curing of several types of components requiring autoclave cycling.

Design: of composite components and the required tools.

Equipment: Autoclave (diameter: 2.4m – length: 3m) - Oven (section: 2mx2m – length: 3 m) - Clean room (class 100000) - Bonding room - high precision ultrasonic welding - Multi-material CNC machine. NDT ultrasonic control equipment and automatized cutting equipment for the prepeg fabrics.
Quality: In 2009, JD’C Innovation has been EN9100 certified by B.V.Q.I.: Airbus certification in process

Team: The JD’C Innovation team has skill and expertise in several technological areas, as well as in operating and manufacturing methods and processes. Today, the team is composed of 5 engineers and 9 technicians.

Social engagement: Through the development of the activities, the JD’C Innovation mission is to give work to fragilized people (disability, limited education …). JD’C Innovation offers them intensive education and training, adapted to their situation and competences.

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