The Specialists in Advanced Cryogenic and High Pressure Ball Valve Designs for
Rocket Engine Testing

  • Proven through ANSI 4500
  • Advanced design tools and computer modeling
  • Ultra-high speed operation
  • Zero leakage
  • Cleaning to IEST-STD-CC1246D300A
  • Special materials
  • Helium, Hydrogen, Oxygen, LNG

Advanced Engineering Valves is a firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high integrity, customized ball valves for cryogenic and high pressure applications for Rocket Engine Test and Rocket Launch Systems. Our valves feature advanced technical improvements allowing reliable operation under high speed of operation, extreme vibration and deep cryogenic temperature conditions where other valves fail.
The process starts with our experienced sales engineering team that collaborates with clients to fully understand the application requirements.
Then our in-house expert design engineering team applies our proprietary expertise to evaluate the application with computer modeling tools developing customized valve solutions.
Order execution occurs in our state of the art design and manufacturing center of excellence in Verviers, Belgium. In our facility we operate advanced systems to ensure ultra-high quality and performance including
in-house functional and cryogenic test laboratories including the ability to simulate real world conditions and deep cryogenic temperatures.
Experience is the key to success when applications are severe and reliability critical. Advanced Engineering Valves is a key supplier to many of the most advanced rocket engine test facilities in the world with references to validate our performance.

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