Venyo’s activity is to design, manufacture and market professional flight simulators (EASA/FAA certified). Since 2009, Venyo has been working on a revolutionary FSTD prototype (B737NG) which was revealed and made its “World Premiere” at the Paris Air Show in 2013. It was the very first time that the aeronautical industry was able to view an innovative and fully functional flight simulator operated on site at Le Bourget. Qualified as a “Game Changer” by the professional community, not only confirmed but encouraged Venyo’s intention to continue to invest and move from concept to commercialization.

As new entrants in the flight simulator market space, we’re proposing a B737NG aircraft specific shell and flight deck, offering the form, fit, feel and function of a Full Flight Simulator without the motion. Designed from day one to be certifiable as EASA FTD Level 2 (even FFS Level D), our product is ideal to off-load training tasks that would otherwise be done in an expensive Level D fullflight simulator at an unrivalled budget.

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