AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM AIRCRAFT DEPARTMENT will subject your needs to the most meticulous analysis so as to determine the type of aircraft best suited to your needs. We will take into account anticipated usage and expected workload, as well, of course, as your budgetary goals. We will study the market’s potential to satisfy the body of your personal or corporate needs, in budgetary and technical matters. With AIRCRAFT TRADERS BELGIUM, you sidestep the tedious burden of shopping, and armed with judiciously and professionally targeted data, you will be afforded the opportunity to make a clear-headed decision. Our own fleet available immediately for lease consists of DC9’s, B727’s and B737’s freighters.

is manufacturing the most performant UAV on the market able to fly 6 to 7 hours powered by an electrical engine fed by Li-Ion batteries and solar cells. The automatic pilot AIRELECTRONICS is controlled by radios and 3G/4G telemetry communication system. Life images are sent by Streambox Avenir Drone 3G/4G/Lte router to the ground station via internet. Treatments of images can be executed during the flights by a powerful computer on board.

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