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SAAB Seminar: Incremental Integration-Driven Development

Du 1 Juin 2017 au 1 Juin 2017

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  • Registration and Coffee (08.30 – 09.00)

  • Gripen Incremental Integration-Driven Development

    The seminar describes methodologies used for continuous development and integration of hardware and software in a complex system, such as the Gripen weapon system.

    The seminar provides an overview of the Gripen weapon system as well as a discussion on agile methods in developing a complex system.

    The focus will be on how to develop a large system in small steps by working in several increments and by using integration-driven development.  The seminar will also illuminate potential opportunities for Belgian Industry with the Gripen Fighter for Belgium.

  • Reflections from the seminar

  • Lunch (12.00 – 13.00)

    For all participants at the seminar

  • Individual meetings (13.00 – 16.00)

    There will be possibilities for the Belgian companies to have individual meetings with Saab on topics related to the seminar, please send an email to